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Re: switching from exim to postfix

Philipp Kern dixit:

>I also assume that Exim does send 8bit mails to non-8bit compliant MTAs (i.e.
>not advertising 8BITMIME).  I don't know if that's some sort of violation.

It does, and it’s a violation, yes. I’ve cursed often enough
about that (deliberately running an MTA stripping bit7, for
several curiosity reasons, but fully RFC compliant).

The correct solution here is that the MTA that supports 8BITMIME
itself and wants to send an 8-bit message to another MTA that
doesn’t offer it in the EHLO dialogue (or doesn’t support EHLO)
*must* convert the message to QP and/or base64. And no, this
does not invalidate PGP signatures, because these apply to the
decoded content. (Though some exotic PGP/MIME constellations
may exist, however I don’t use PGP/MIME and as such am not
very knowledgeable about it.)

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