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Re: Making -devel discussions more viable

On Tue, 2012-05-08 at 15:19, Miles Bader wrote:
> Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org> writes:
> > I am just speaking for myself as listmaster. But I don't think any
> > DD has more "right" to talk on a mailinglist than anybody else. I
> > won't support such a proposal nor want I participate in it. If you
> > have a problem with someone on a mailinglist, report it and
> > listmasters decide if we should step in.
> ... and as a non-DD who's been using Debian for 15 years (and reading
> this list for many of them), and understands at least some of the
> technical issues, I find the suggestion that I be automatically
> considered a negative influence and excluded kind of annoying.

I'm in the same bandwagon.
Sometimes I even package some packages which are not in Debian for some
users. Few years ago I backported selinux to Sarge to Woody (IIRC) and
some people from over the world downloaded it and used or played with
it. These days I maintain Kannel development release (packages are on
the Kannel site) for Debian Testing and people use it.

Do I help Debian? I really don't know but I'm sure that I did help some
Debian users.

This (and some other) Debian list are helpful for me and I sometimes
post some comment, question or even opinion about some subjects which
are interesting me.

If I have to pass some kind of meritocracy to post to this list I'll have
feeling of the 'second class' participant and probably will not post
That wouldn't be big loss for Debian anyway ;-)

> The issues discussed here often do affect me, because I use Debian.  I
> don't actively participate most of the time but I do read, and every
> once in a while, feel I have something to add.
> The problem is not non-DDs, it's jerks and/or the clueless.  Maybe on

Well said.

> this list there's _some_ correlation between "non-DDness" and those
> things -- but it's far from perfect... (and not, IMHO, enough to
> justify censorship).
> -miles

Kind regards,  Milan

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