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Re: Definition of _boot_

OoO En  ce doux  début de matinée  du lundi  30 avril 2012,  vers 08:15,
Svante Signell <svante.signell@telia.com> disait :

>> I'm rather sure that he wants to define booting as part of what
>> currently is done in /etc/rcS.d.  Configuring the network or mounting
>> non-essential remote file systems wouldn't be part of this definition.
>> Then he would state that these early tasks do not need events at all,
>> and conclude that later tasks can be handled in event based userspace
>> tools, but that the initial process that invokes these event based tools
>> doesn't require events and thus can stay simple.

> Nice summary, thanks. This is the whole idea behind defining boot...
> Some people get it, others don't.

Since your  boot definition  is mostly the  current initrd, you  seem to
agree that the current init system could be replaced with something more
current like upstart and systemd.
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