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Definition of _boot_


In line with the recent discussion, lets aim at defining what _boot_ is:
- initializing the RAM: yes
- initializing the CPU(s): yes
- loading the kernel: yes
- initializing the graphics card: yes for text mode, graphics mode can
come later
- initializing the HDD(s): yes, if boot devices.
- setting up swap: yes
 -initializing the keyboard and mouse : yes, see below wrt USB
- initializing the serial device: no, only if used for debugging.
- initializing the the parallel port: no
- initializing the audio card: can be done later
- initializing USB devices: yes if keyboard, mouse or boot device, other
things can be done later.
- starting up the network: yes if network booting, other things can be
done later.
- starting an MTA: no
- staring sshd: no
- starting X: no, that is not a _boot_ task,  other things can be done
later. This excludes network-manager and what follows with it.
- of course there are missing pieces here, you can help me filling them
in... or reject/not comment on this as usual as many of you would.

Thank you for your attention!

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