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Re: The future of non-dependency-based boot

On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 12:52:23PM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> ]] Roger Leigh 
> > (I don't know if you saw my mail regarding having done this
> > provisionally in git; I mentioned it on the pkg-sysvinit-devel
> > list and in #545976.  I was wanting to additionally ask you
> > how safe it would be to remove the is_unsafe_to_activate check
> > and just run insserv anyway, and rely on insserv to fail if
> > problems are found.)
> Not having sysv-rc complain when it can't wrap its head around the init
> scripts on the system would be very much appreciated.  I'm kinda tired
> of it trying to convert my system on each upgrade and then failing.
> (And this machine has never even used sysvinit.)

Could you provide examples please?  If there are init scripts which
it can't handle, that's a bug.  Either in insserv or (more likely)
the scripts.

This has been partly discussed in #594917, but you haven't
followed up there in response to the last comment.

Based on this bug, I think it's perfectly reasonable for sysv-rc
to manage the links; whether sysvinit is or is not running is not
part of the question here, IMO.  Given that systemd users are for
the most part going to be users migrating from a sysvinit/sysv-rc/
insserv configuration, it's not unexpected that insserv will be
managing the links.  systemd should be able to cope with
insserv managing the links shouldn't it?


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