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config files, ucf and dpkg (was: Re: The future of non-dependency-based boot)

Le 15/04/2012 11:34, Petter Reinholdtsen a écrit :
> [James Cloos]
>> Manually choosing the order remains a reasonable choice for many
>> servers.  The upstream dependencies are not always sufficiently detailed
>> and edits to the init files can be lost when upgrading.
> Your assumptions are wrong.  You do not have to edit the init.d files
> themselves to override their dependencies, and risk them going away
> during upgrades.  I created the possibility for the system
> administrator to insert overrides in /etc/insserv/overrides/ for just
> this use case.

And then, if the maintainer fix some problem in dependencies,
you will not notice there is two conflicting or complementary
modifications at the same place.
  I'm aware of this possibility but I always modify the init.d files
in order to be notified (and to be able to check my modifications are
still right) when the init.d files are modified during an upgrade.

  However, I would be more than pleased if maintainers use ucf with
the --three-way flags (often modifications are done in unrelated
places and a three-way merge would work perfectly). One "problem"
here is that, with ucf, there are no config files any more but only
configuration files (ie dpkg -S will not find them, dpkg does not
remove them automatically on purge, ...)
  So I would be even more pleased if the three-way merge possibility
would be offered by dpkg itself. Dpkg would have to store a copy of
the original config file elsewhere in this case, but for me cost of
the disk space is largely outperformed by the feature.

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