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Re: The future of non-dependency-based boot

Three notes:

Manually choosing the order remains a reasonable choice for many
servers.  The upstream dependencies are not always sufficiently detailed
and edits to the init files can be lost when upgrading.  Such servers
generally start only a few services and hand-tuning the order is easy
and obvious.  They also typically restart less often than once per year.

Systems which have had various packaged added and removed can retain
legacy init scripts which prevent conversion to the new setup even where
it is not unwanted.  I have one long-time server on which apt-get upgrade
displays a full (96x66) page dialog filled with init script which block
the automated switch to dependency-based boot order.

On a server which did update to dep-based I see that there are serveral
S files in the default run level which shouldn't be there.  They had
been removed but reappeared.  (Just because something is installed
doesn't mean one wants it always to run.)

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