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Re: summer of code 2013 proposal

Hi Henri,

On 24/03/12 06:29, Henri Le Foll wrote:
> A Team field should be added to debian/control. (and also to the .dsc)
> =======================================================================
>    - I hope every package will one day belong to a team.
>    - I think that each package in wnpp or rfa or rfh should belong to a
> team (other than QA).

If I need help on my package, why should it belong to a team when I file
a RFH?

>    - Some information about the difficulty to maintain the package can
> be automacally extracted from the source package and added to the dsc file.

That's something that  is incredibly subjective, bound to change as
things arise, and of limited utility. A package in Perl might be more
difficult for someone who only has Python experience, for example.

> I am wrong in saying that information like :
>    - a source package generates only one binary package
>    - debian/rules is trivial.

Tomorrow upstream could add a new feature which requires you to write
all sorts of custom rules.

> Three or more characters which could easily show the difficulty to
> maintain the package.
> AA0 for simple ones.
> […]

So I'd need a table to decipher the package difficulty?

> B : only one file like copyright or control need attention

What does this mean?

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