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Re: On init in *Debian*

On 21.03.2012 18:23, Allison Randal wrote:
> I recall this as one of the key differences: systemd is tightly coupled
> to the Linux kernel, while upstart is not. I was curious, so asked Scott
> James Remnant (upstart's creator), and he says it wouldn't be much
> effort to port upstart to kFreeBSD and Hurd.

The only major difference I see between systemd and upstart in term of
using Linux specific features, is systemd using cgroups.
Someone suggested that jails offer similar functionality on (k)freebsd.

Other then that, see the list [1] Scott posted some years ago, about
upstart using Linux specific features. This matches many of the features
systemd is using (aside from ptrace).

Where do you see upstart being *more* portable then systemd?

> It would be informative to try the port. Treat it as a pilot project,
> see how far we can get in a short period of time. Debian has people with
> extensive experience in porting software to kFreeBSD and Hurd. If a
> couple of them are interested, we can connect them with with a couple of
> the upstart core developers and it could move quite quickly.

We tried to kick-start this port 3 years ago [1]

Unfortunately nothing has happened since then. I'm not sure, why the
effort to get an upstart port, failed.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2009/07/msg00122.html

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