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Re: On init in *Debian*

Josselin Mouette writes ("Re: On init in *Debian*"):
> Just because a few vocal people disagree with it, doesn’t mean there is
> consensus against it.

Just because a few vocal people want to throw out KFreeBSD, doesn't
mean there is consensus for it.

> Anyway, the point of these discussions is not to hang kFreeBSD
> developers or to throw stones at Hurd. The point is to choose a good
> init system for Linux. And if other kernels can’t deal with it, so be
> it.

No, the point if these discussions is to decide how to organise the
provision of init services in Debian.

That is different to your statement "choose a good init system for
Linux" in two important ways.  Firstly Debian is not just Linux, and
by putting your statement that way you are being tendentious.
Secondly, we do not necessarily want to simply choose one system.

There are other reasons not to like systemd, although if you've drunk
every other kind of Poettering kool-aid I guess you may not see them.


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