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Re: On init in *Debian*

On 03/21/2012 09:22 AM, Russ Allbery wrote:
> The primary problem with supporting systemd on kFreeBSD is that it uses
> Linux-specific facilities for discovering system events and hence knowing
> when to start or stop particular services, and for tracking services so
> that it knows when they're started and whether they're still running.
> (There may be a few other things as well, but that seems to be the two
> major, broad areas of non-trivial Linux-specific functionality.)
> Those are both core to the whole init system and can't be easily done
> without by just disabling parallelism or a similar simple fix.
> It's certainly *possible* to implement the same on kFreeBSD and Hurd; I
> don't think anyone is questioning that, just the level of work and whether
> it will happen.

I recall this as one of the key differences: systemd is tightly coupled
to the Linux kernel, while upstart is not. I was curious, so asked Scott
James Remnant (upstart's creator), and he says it wouldn't be much
effort to port upstart to kFreeBSD and Hurd.

It would be informative to try the port. Treat it as a pilot project,
see how far we can get in a short period of time. Debian has people with
extensive experience in porting software to kFreeBSD and Hurd. If a
couple of them are interested, we can connect them with with a couple of
the upstart core developers and it could move quite quickly.

I'd be happy to help,

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