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Re: On init in *Debian*

Le mercredi 21 mars 2012 à 16:49 +0000, Ian Jackson a écrit :
> Josselin Mouette writes ("Re: On init in *Debian*"):
> > Just because a few vocal people disagree with it, doesn’t mean there is
> > consensus against it.
> Just because a few vocal people want to throw out KFreeBSD, doesn't
> mean there is consensus for it.

No one *wants* to throw out kFreeBSD. But if keeping it implies
technical restrictions on the Linux port, we’re facing a huge problem,
on a project scale, which reaches far beyond the choice of an init

At least one of the kFreeBSD developers has made it clear that we should
choose a solution first and that they will try to adapt to it (and the
rest of the project could even help them to do it if it’s not too much
work). This is always how we’ve dealt with kFreeBSD until now, and I
feel this is a much more pragmatic approach than putting insane
prerequisites on a solution beforehand. It is also an approach that
involves all Debian developers in a constructive way, instead of telling
some of them that they won’t get the features they need because of some
other developers.

> That is different to your statement "choose a good init system for
> Linux" in two important ways.  Firstly Debian is not just Linux, and
> by putting your statement that way you are being tendentious.

Debian is just Linux. Seriously. It might turn out to be more than this,
but we’re not there. Those using untested, experimental OSes in
production are dangerous people that I would never hire as sysadmins.

> Secondly, we do not necessarily want to simply choose one system.

We need to choose one global solution, if you prefer this wording.
Having it consisting of a user choice between several different
implementations is a terrible idea for a number of reasons, but indeed
you are entitled to an opinion that “Linux is about choice” and to put
such possibilities on the table.

> There are other reasons not to like systemd, although if you've drunk
> every other kind of Poettering kool-aid I guess you may not see them.

I have drunk enough of Poettering to know he’s a toxic and obnoxious
person. Unfortunately that doesn’t prevent him from writing good
software. Still, the personality of the lead developer should certainly
be considered as one parameter for a good choice.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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