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Re: Quilt patch for patching things in the debian folder

Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> writes:

> On 03/07/2012 06:33 PM, Neil Williams wrote:
>> Even with such calls, I don't see how to remove a single line from
>> a .install file using dpkg-vendor. (Typically this is necessary when
>> the line in question contains a wildcard but the modified build means
>> that no files can exist which match said wildcard.)
> What you would do in such case is renaming debian/*.install into
> something like install.in, then you would do a sed or something
> similar so that you can replace a variable by the content depending
> on the return of dpkg-vendor.

Or you could use dh9 and executable .install files:

#! /bin/sh
if dpkg-vendor --derives-from ubuntu; then

cat <<EOF

Or, even better:

#! /usr/bin/dh-exec

And in debian/rules, set BAR according to the return value of
dpkg-vendor --derives-from in whatever way you like, and export it.

I could even come up with something interesting to make it easier to do
conditional stuff based on the return value of dpkg-vendor
--dervives-from $foo.


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