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Re: Unofficial repositories on 'debian' domains

On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 5:43 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

> It's not *always* published.
> Try with ipv6 or mozilla.debian.net for example.
> Making this as a rule seems relevant and a good idea to me.
> It'd be even better if we could publish a list instead of only
> an individual if we want to (but still keep the PGP fingerprint).

As I hinted at in the other part of my mail (that you stripped), it
isn't possible to mix CNAME and TXT records on the same domain. This
is why mozilla.debian.net doesn't have the TXT record, dunno about
IPv6 though.

I definitely would like to see the domains/owners and contact details
(lets add an LDAP field) exposed on db.debian.org.



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