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Re: Network Security Toolkit

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:

> Neil,
> I think Dmitrii was suggesting that there are some utilities that are
> used to do the geolocation stuff that are not currently packaged for
> Debian, which was surprising to him, given their apparent utility, so
> he's wondering if there's some other issue that has prevented them from
> being packaged.

Yes, you're right.

> Dmitrii,
> A list of the actual utilities that you are interested in would help
> people to answer your question.

Okay. Here are listed all packages LiveCD contain:
Here are also described all licenses of any utilities.

Utilities I am interested in:
1) nsttraceroute (GPLv2)
2) nstgeolocate (GPLv2)

I have not seen more, but we can make sure that all of 'nst*'-utils
provide some geolocation stuff in many different formats; all of them
distribute under free GPL license, and all of them are very useful for
imagination results.

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