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Network Security Toolkit

Hello everyone.

Today I've read my RSS feeds and got know about new release of NST

There's things I've never seen. I've been reading more about this
project and I've liked abilities providing by this project.

The thing I want very much is to imagine ping/traceroute/geolocate
information with, for example, Google Earth (This moment it has been
installed using non-free stable repo). For this purpose I need some
utilities from this project.

It's very interesting for me. I really want have the same
functional in Debian, not only in other distribution.

But I have one big question. This project was begun 9 years ago, it has
a free license GPLv2. But why there's no packages, providing theese
utilities? Is there no community interest to them, or maybe there's some
license problems? Or maybe I had a mistake searching theese tools?

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