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Re: Network Security Toolkit

On Wed, 29 Feb 2012 18:35:42 +0400
Dmitrii Kashin <freehck@gmail.com> wrote:

> Today I've read my RSS feeds and got know about new release of NST
> LiveCD.

As a LiveCD, it isn't suitable as a package in Debian itself, you would
have to convince upstream to support Debian, not the other way around.
Probably the best way to do that is to join upstream. There may well be
tools which are not in Debian, those would need packaging. There may
well be patches or changes to Fedora packages which would need to be
handled upstream.

There are tools in Debian to make LiveCD images, the question is what
goes into this particular image and are those tools compatible with a
Debian base. That is a question for upstream. (I suspect the answer is
"probably yes but nobody has offered to do the work").

If you're keen on the project, you'll probably have to do all that work
> It's very interesting for me. I really want have the same
> functional in Debian, not only in other distribution.
> But I have one big question. This project was begun 9 years ago, it has
> a free license GPLv2. But why there's no packages, providing theese
> utilities? Is there no community interest to them, or maybe there's some
> license problems? Or maybe I had a mistake searching theese tools?

It isn't a single package, it's an ISO containing many packages and an
unknown amount of configuration / changes / patches to the Fedora base.

There again, as a LiveCD, does the nature of the base system really
matter? Unless there is an option to install it on another machine
(don't know, haven't looked), then you only care about the base system
if you need to modify it. If you just want it as a user, then even if
it might be nice to have an image based on Debian, it won't affect
how the code on the LiveCD actually works.

Find out what packages go into the LiveCD from Fedora and find
equivalents in Debian, then you at least have some idea of how much
work is involved. Anything not already in Debian would need to be
packaged for Debian and then the entire build mechanism used by
upstream would need to be adapted to use the Debian LiveCD tools.

If you don't do want to do the work, it's likely that nobody else will
either - you are the one with the interest in the project. It's not
something I'd want to consider.


Neil Williams

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