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Bug#658139: evince: missing mime entry

hi all,

i'm having the same problem described on 31 Jan 2012 by Andreas Tille:
see, mutt and all other programs depending on mailcap are not able to
open PDF files with **evince**

please see Debian policy 9.7 about multimedia handlers:

please also consider that /etc/mailcap is a standard since a long ago
and that all users of "console based" applications in Debian are
expecting that /etc/mailcap is updated automatically by installed

this problem is strictly related to evince, **not** general, so please
reassign this bug to evince package

a simple workaround is to install one of the other available PDF viewers
fully compliant with the update-mime policy, I'm using epdfview

about alternative solutions proposed, on 2012.01.31  Michael Biebl
<biebl@debian.org> said:
This topic has been discussed several times already. Instead of
maintaining these files by hand (remember, we do have quite a few in the
GNOME repo), those mailcap entries should be generated automatically
from the *.desktop files that are provided upstream and already contain
all the necessary information.
We don't want to maintain a second mime database by hand in parallel.

so the proposed solution is that *users* will maintain mime-support
database by hand?

if this topic has been discussed several times why the Debian policy 9.7
still mandates support for update-mime?

the idea not to maintain 2 files containing the same information is
interesting and should be done with proper tools on maintainers side,
not on users side... or by standard tools such those found in

if there is enough consensus to drop (or extend) Debian policy 9.7 in
favour of a new one using *.desktop files to register mime-types
(dropping /usr/lib/mime/packages/ files and mime-suport) I'm willing to
help to develop a new tool

all this work should lead to a new written policy *and* related tools
similar to mime-support

meanwhile could you please roll back to /usr/lib/mime/packages/evince? 


Giovanni Biscuolo

Xelera - IT infrastructures

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