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Re: Linux 3.2 in wheezy

OoO  En ce début  d'après-midi nuageux  du mardi  07 février  2012, vers
14:00, Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> disait :

>> With vservers and  OpenVZ you can run each service  in its own container
>> with a small  memory footprint. With Xen/KVM, you  will need to allocate
>> at least 128 MB for each container.
> NO ! The limit isn't that great.

> With Etch, 48 MB was enough. With Lenny, 64 MB was enough.
> With Squeeze, 96 MB is enough (the minimum is between 64 and
> 96 MB, I didn't care investigating). And with 96 MB, you can already
> run a DNS server, OpenVPN, or a (very basic) mail server. The issue
> though, might be with things like locales generation or other RAM
> intensive stuff in Debian, which may need a bit more RAM to run
> smoothly. But in such case, you'll have the issue with both KVM/XEN
> and containers, so it doesn't really apply as a point in the discussion
> here.

It  applies.  The major  point is  that with  containers, RAM  is shared
accross containers (the same kernel is used for all containers).  If one
container  needs for a  few seconds  200 MB,  it can  just use  them. No
memory needs to be allocated for the exclusive of one container.

> That doesn't discard your argument of the RAM usage all together,
> it's really truth that a container will use less RAM. But please, be
> reasonable when trying to make your point, and keep it with
> facts that you have checked by yourself.

Please, don't patronize people.
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