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Re: Linux 3.2 in wheezy

So there are obvious issues with LXC as a container solution for Linux, such as
lacking actual containment (for the root user), which defeat sits purpose in
production environments as a linux-vserver or OpenVZ replacement. 

However, a low profile container/virtualization solution is needed, and I know
there is quite some demand for it: both some larger scale organisations and
several smaller/non-profit organisations I am acquainted with use either OpenVZ
or linux-vserver and some of them will be in trouble if there is no equivalent
and not at least a rough migration path. 

I can very much understand the kernel maintainers' wish to get rid of apparent
legacy patchsets, and (from this perspective) it is somewhat frustrating that
linux-vserver / openvz never made it into Linux proper. Surely lxc seemed like a
more suitable design for 3.0+, but where it stands now is not different enough
to where it stood some years ago to make it a usable replacement now, or to
allow for high hopes that it will be a good vserver replacement when wheezy
turns stable.

Right now, (not just) my hopes are that linux-vserver + openvz (or at least one
of them) will continue to be available in wheezy for as long as no other
comparable options are available. And that more comparable options with a modern
design AND sufficient feature set will become available.


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