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Re: Linux 3.2 in wheezy

On Tue, Feb 07, 2012 at 06:09:40PM +0100, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> It  applies.  The major  point is  that with  containers, RAM  is shared
> accross containers (the same kernel is used for all containers).  If one
> container  needs for a  few seconds  200 MB,  it can  just use  them. No
> memory needs to be allocated for the exclusive of one container.

You can also allow VMs to do this with the use of a balloon driver
to reclaim memory.  But you should normally put some limit on the
memory used by a VM/container.  (One of the biggest problems people
have with LXC in squeeze is lack of the memory resource controller
in official packages.)


Ben Hutchings
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                                                              - Albert Camus

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