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Re: Please test gzip -9n - related to dpkg with multiarch support

Neil Williams wrote:
> I'd like to ask for some help with a bug which is tripping up my tests
> with the multiarch-aware dpkg from experimental - #647522 -
> non-deterministic behaviour of gzip -9n.

pristine-tar hat tricks[1] aside, none of gzip, bzip2, xz are required
to always produce the same compressed file for a given input file, and I
can tell you from experience that there is a wide amount of variation. If
multiarch requires this, then its design is at worst broken, and at
best, there will be a lot of coordination pain every time there is a
new/different version of any of these that happens to compress slightly

Maybe there was a reason for Guillem  to want to tread carefully.

see shy jo

[1] Tricks including but not limited to: Small binary diffs and
    embedding specific versions of these programs' compressors as

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