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Re: Linux 3.2 in wheezy

Hi Russell

On 02/02/2012 03:21, Russell Coker wrote:
However, a low profile container/virtualization solution is needed, and I
know there is quite some demand for it: both some larger scale
organisations and several smaller/non-profit organisations I am acquainted
with use either OpenVZ or linux-vserver and some of them will be in
trouble if there is no equivalent and not at least a rough migration path.

Are there many users who need root containment but who won't have the
resources to run Xen or KVM when the support for Squeeze ends?

Just to give you a use case, the company I work for has a bunch of clients where we run more than 400 VZ's per server. Those servers are already packed with RAM and are using most of it and even swapping. Switching to KVM/Xen would probably kill those machines :)

We're really dependent on contextualization so we considered the following:
 * LXC
 * Using VZ on CentOS
* Getting the 2.6.32 VZ kernel from the openvz project and check if that works with our current user space

LXC kind of works but has it's issues. We really want to move to it.

I'm personally strongly against CentOS (they had months without security updates last year, I find the quality of rpm packaging poor compared to those found in Debian) and I don't think it's a good idea to have yet another system to support.

We tried the 2.6.32 VZ kernel on squeeze / wheezy / lucid / precise - and it works. We have a PPA[1] for our experimental packages too. We might run into bugs with some userspace things needing a newer kernel, but we haven't found anything yet. The big downside is also that we rely on the VZ project to release security updates and we have to be vigilant to update regularly.

All the work that the above is causing (and to an extent the risk) makes me quite eager to move to LXC. If distributions like Debian and Ubuntu could continue supporting it it would be a different story, but it sounds like OpenVZ is a borderline hostile upstream who isn't interested in working with anyone, and that makes me want to move away even more.


[1] https://launchpad.net/~revolution-linux/+archive/openvz

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