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Re: directory under /usr/bin -- Ok or not?

although this topic faded away and irrelevant anyways since upcoming FHS
forbids directories under /usr/bin -- just for completeness  and
possible food for thought

> And if you have to type in the full path every time that would be pretty
> anoying and no improvement over /usr/lib/foo/bar.

disagree -- actually it would be quite better:

now, without any standardization of what/where gets under /usr/lib/foo,
some projects ship binaries under /usr/lib/foo directly, some under
/usr/lib/foo/bin, others under /usr/lib/foo/libexec...  moreover for
versioned ones it also varies pretty much orthogonally to above between
/usr/lib/foo-01, or /usr/lib/foo/01 ... So, location of such
complimentary, possibly user-oriented, executables varies a lot and
there is no easy way for a user to find them -- when I am looking
for what/where a specific package provides additional scripts I need to
dpkg -L foo and then eyeball it.

If all supplementary user-oriented scripts where under
/usr/bin/foo(-version), it would have made their invocation much more
convenient (if I know that I am looking an executable from foo I don't
need first to research where it is -- I would know that if anywhere it
is under /usr/bin/foo<TAB> -- directory it or a file) even though
I would have needed to type a full path, since their location would be

Just my few cents
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