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Re: debian/rules binary and build target dependencies clarification


Le 08/10/11 19:51, Дмитрий Матросов a écrit :

> So, this means that there is no strict relationship between content of
> Build-Depends-* field and build-* target dependencies like:
> "'Build-Depends' field contains all dependencies for 'build-arch' target
> and nothing more", or "'Build-Depends-Indep' contains all dependencies
> for 'build-indep' target and nothing more". Am i understand you correctly?

The idea is that architecture independent packages are not always built
(actually, I believe they are _never_ automatically built, since they
come with the source upload, and whatever binary package is uploaded
with the source package is not rebuilt!)

So Build-Depends-Indep should list those dependencies which only need to
be installed to build the arch-indep packages, so that in the real-world
situation where only the arch packages are built, those dependencies are
not uselessly installed.

On the other hand, there is no real-world use case to build _only_
arch-indep packages, without the arch packages. So both build-arch and
build-indep can count on anything listed in Build-Depends.

The theory (and I'm not sure of how it currently works in practice) is
that the autobuilders, most of the time, install only Build-Depends on
call only binary-arch. On the developer's machine however (or on  a full
rebuild), both Build-Depends and Build-Depends-Indep are installed, and
both binary-arch and binary-indep are called.

Regards, Thibaut.

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