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debian/rules binary and build target dependencies clarification


Not sure this is correct maillist, though. I can't clearly understand
dependencies between debian/rules binary and build targets.

Let's assume, that both 'build-arch' and 'build-indep' targets provided.

In the Debian policy manual section 4.9 written:

> The build target should depend on those of the targets build-arch and
> build-indep that are provided in the rules file.
> ..
> binary may be (and commonly is) a target with no commands which simply
> depends on binary-arch and binary-indep.
> ..
> Both binary-* targets should depend on the build target, or on the
> appropriate build-arch or build-indep target, if provided,..

So, as i understand, this will look like

   binary : binary-arch  binary-indep
   binary-arch : build-arch
   binary-indep : build-indep
   build : build-arch  build-indep

But in the section 7.7 of Debian policy manual:
> clean, build-arch, and binary-arch
>    Only the Build-Depends and Build-Conflicts fields must be satisfied when
>    these targets are invoked.
> build, build-indep, binary, and binary-indep
>    The Build-Depends, Build-Conflicts, Build-Depends-Indep, and
>    Build-Conflicts-Indep fields must be satisfied when these targets are
>    invoked.

And footnote 55:
> Anyone building the build-indep and binary-indep targets is assumed to be
> building the whole package, and therefore installation of all build
> dependencies is required.

So, as i understand, in this case dependencies will look like

   binary : binary-arch  binary-indep
   binary-indep : build-indep build-arch               <----?
   binary-arch : build-arch
   build : build-indep  build-arch
   build-indep : build-arch                            <----?

But the last one is wrong, isn't it?


Dmitriy Matrosov.

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