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[unstable/admin 9mount] Website update


 I'm the author of the 9mount utility that used to be available at
sqweek.dnsdojo.org. I won't bore you with details, but I've had to
switch domains and am now running at http://sqweek.net/. Not sure
if it will be accessible right at the moment as I just had to
reboot my router and the old ip might still be cached in DNS.

 Anyway, I believe the 9mount package is currently orphaned, so
this is an appeal to anyone with the knowhow to switch the URLs
referenced by the package to sqweek.net. The website is still
structured the same, it's just the hostname that needs changing.
I'm trying to purge as many references to sqweek.dnsdojo.org from
the web as I can :)


PS. I'm not subscribed to the list. I think I've set Mail-Followup-To
and CC correctly but just so you're aware.

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