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Re: mentors.debian.net runs the debexpo code now

>>>>> Arno Töll <debian@toell.net> writes:
>>>>> On 13.08.2011 17:36, Ivan Shmakov wrote:

 >>>> I wonder, is it possible to add a bit more magic to debexpo, so
 >>>> that the comments made via the Web interface would be forwarded to
 >>>> the list, and vice versa?

 >> This task is indeed in my queue, but I won't probably be able to get
 >> to it this year.

 > I am also interested to implement a mailing list <-> Expo bridge as
 > that's very important I think and necessary for future plans I have
 > with Expo.  I was doing some contributions to Expo already in the
 > last few weeks, but I can't say when/if I find time to start such a
 > larger sub-task.

 > If you are interested to implement it, I would very welcome that, but
 > we should coordinate our plans here.

	Indeed.  However, as I've already noted, I won't be able to get
	to that task until at (the very) least the next year.

 > I am not sure if we really need a such a big dependency as a Gmane
 > like service.

	I've referenced Gmane as an example of the successful engine
	used for turning the (news, but mail is quite similar) messages
	into Web pages and RSS feeds.  I don't know their code base all
	that close, but, IIRC, it's free software, and my opinion is
	that it'd be pity if we won't be able to reuse it, at least in

 > Its probably enough to subscribe to debian-mentors (e.g. to a server
 > side mbox)

	(Just don't use the Unix mbox format for that.)

 > and track RFS threads by a non-standard header or magic subject /
 > pseudo tag similar to the BTS control server.

	Why not the standard Message-Id:, In-Reply-To:, and References:

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