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mentors.debian.net runs the debexpo code now

Hello lovely debian-devel folks,

Thanks to huge work by Johnny Lamb, Christoph Haas, Jan Dittberner, Kalle Söderman, Serafeim Zanikolas, David Paleino, and Paul Wise, we have had a alpha-level product called Debexpo that can replace mentors.debian.net as the place we do package review for new contributors in Debian.

About a year ago, we began the process to revive the project. Andrey Rahmatullin (wRAR), Arno Töll, Wolodja Wentland, and I have finally finished it. Christine Spang (along with SIPB at MIT) put together the virtual machine that runs it. Thanks to many others who have provided advice and ideas.

It's live: http://mentors.debian.net/

The big differences between this and the old code are:

* Maintainable codebase

* Ability to see package quality on the package page -- see e.g. http://expo.debian.net/package/trafficserver

* Ability to leave comments on the web, and subscribe to receive email updates about packages

* Ability to write new plugins that do new kinds of quality checks

* Beautiful new design, based on main Debian.org layout (idea thanks to Francesca Ciceri)

* Christoph Haas can finally stop worrying that it'll never happen.

Finishing this coding and migration has been the biggest single thing I've been doing in my life for the past three or four weeks, so I am now going to take a bit of a break from it. I will try to advise and make sure that the community grows.

Huge props to Arno for not only excellent hacking, but fantastic work in getting new contributors.

http://wiki.debian.org/Debexpo explains where to find the bug tracker and mailing list.

There is surely more work to be done -- changing strings, updating more docs, and so forth. You can find us on #debexpo and also our bug tracker.

P.S. Johnny Lamb's original code is actually of pretty high quality. Huge thanks to him for that; the logging and the clear file layout helped us as immensely.

-- Asheesh.

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