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Re: Providing official virtualisation images of Debian

On 07/28/2011 12:45 PM, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Sorry, if you did, I must not have understood what you said. That seems
> to be a continuing trend between myself and live-build.

citing from #debian-devel:

2010-11-28 13:20:53 < dba> liw: live-build supports that already now.
2010-11-28 13:20:55 < murb> or something like that.
2010-11-28 13:20:56 < mjt> but it looks like liw has some other problem
2010-11-28 13:20:56 -!- Gilde (Gilde)
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2010-11-28 13:21:08 < liw> dba, explain?
2010-11-28 13:21:50 < dba> liw: configure it to not install
live-boot/live-config, and build hdd images.
2010-11-28 13:22:09 < liw> dba, how do I do that?
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2010-11-28 13:23:40 -!- Amorphous (jan)
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2010-11-28 13:23:49 < dba> liw: something like -b virtual-hdd
--initramfs none
2010-11-28 13:24:31 < liw> the manpage does not know of "--initramfs none"
2010-11-28 13:24:34 -!- aronxu (Aron Xu) [~aron@] has
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2010-11-28 13:56:51 < liw> dba, well, --initramfs none did not get rid
of live-boot and live-config from the image, I'll see if I can find
something else to do that
2010-11-28 14:02:23 < liw> dba, scratch that, I ran the wrong script
2010-11-28 14:05:44 -!- gismo_ (Luca Capello)
[~luca@adsl-130-11.dsl.init7.net] has joined #debian-devel
2010-11-28 14:06:11 < liw> dba, however, building with "--initramfs
none" fails
2010-11-28 14:07:20 -!- stevecotton (Steve Cotton)
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2010-11-28 14:08:11 -!- Mez (Martin Meredith)
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2010-11-28 14:08:39 < dba> liw: send a bug then, thanks.

i appologize for having forgotten to fill the bug (to keep the reminder
about it) myself after you've choosen not to (which is not your
obligation, so perfectly fine).

> IMHO, a tool that is too complicated to use without documentation,
> and whose documentation does not help, is not all that useful a
> tool for others to use.

like i said before, the most used features are well documented, the
other, newer ones and not as much tested ones, are not yet.

> Complaining about the lack of manpower to document
> something very complicated,

i was not complaining. if pointing out the mere fact that we could use
more manpower (who can't?; and recently, we have got some substancial
more manpower, which is nice) is complaining, then of course i'm sorry
for that.

> after you've made it so complicated, is not
> a valid complaint, either.

while certainly it can be made simpler/better and that is which is what
we have been working on, i don't think it's complicated. at least that
is not what the downstream users on debian-live@l.d.o and #debian-devel
tell us.

> Anyway, it seems like live-build will be a contender for generating
> VM images for Debian, and that's good.

...and i'm happy to work on adding whatever features whoever would like
to have regarding vm images. please feel encourage to open bug reports
so we can track it and loose valuable information.

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