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Re: Uploading to multiple distros

On Thu, Jun 02, 2011 at 03:19:14PM +0200, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Ian (2011.06.02_14:54:37_+0200)
> > I wasn't aware of syncpackage.  The manpage is quite discouraging.

> It's discouraging for a reason, the Ubuntu archive admins would prefer
> that we sync packages through them if possible (which results in ~1 days
> wait). An API method for syncing (+ a button on launchpad) is supposed
> to be available really soon now™.

Proof of concept for the button was shown around at the last UDS in early
May.  So we're hopeful that "really soon now™" is measured in weeks.

> > Hrm.  So syncpackage generates a .changes for uploading to ubuntu from
> > the .dsc (which presumably came out of the Debian build).  That does
> > mean though that the Ubuntu target suite is not visible in the
> > changelog of the ultimate Ubuntu package.  And if the package is not
> > accepted into the Debian archive for any reason, the changelog is very
> > misleading because it looks like a sync from Debian.

> Yes. It tries to do the same thing as the archive admins' sync script.

It tries, but it does not succeed, which is why the archive admins
discourage its use.

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