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Re: Uploading to multiple distros

On 02/06/11 23:19, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> [snip]
>> One way to enable simultaneous uploads would be to arrange for
>> dpkg-genchanges to filter out suites for "other" distros when
>> generating the .changes file.  Then you would have the same files
>> being uploaded but two different .changes files.
> Excepting the changelog bit, that's effectively what syncpackage does.
> It doesn't modify anything except the .changes file, if possible.

Note that you can append the series name to any Launchpad upload path to
override the .changes file. eg. /ubuntu/oneiric will upload to oneiric
in the primary archive, /~wgrant/ppa/ubuntu/oneiric to oneiric in my PPA.

So you *can* use an identical .changes file, if you really want to.

This is deliberately not well documented, and is somewhat discouraged.


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