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Re: Color Management in Debian

Hi Till, and thanks for your message.

First, I think that this type of communication between Debian and its 
derivatives (and reversely in that case) is very important for the health of 
our ecosystem. So thank you for this.

Le mardi, 31 mai 2011 16.16:18, Till Kamppeter a écrit :
> What is needed is to introduce some new packages, especially colord,
> update other packages, build packages against colord, ...
> This would be perhaps much easier when Debian would add the same color
> management stack and also if we want to follow the plans to have a
> unique printing stack in Debian and Ubuntu.

This sounds like a very worthwhile goal.

> What has to be done is to fix all the "Related bugs" (which are more
> feature requests than bugs) on the Blueprint linked above also for
> Debian. Especially colord needs to get packaged first:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/741448
> and then all the other packages built with colord being present.

Given that Debian is currently not frozen (and that the Oneiric release will 
very probably happen before Wheezy's), I really think that not uploading those 
packages to Debian first would be a shame, as this would only mean doubling 

So I suggest we group people interested from Debian and Ubuntu (and any other 
derivatives fwiw) in a single place [0] and start working towards getting 
those packages to Debian first. With the NEW delays[1] these days, a sync from 
Debian to Ubuntu could happen in a few days; I don't think this is a serious 

As for the common place, my personal preference would be an alioth group (pkg-
colormgmt ?), with git-based packaging; but this should by no means hinder 
other proposals [2].

So despite my limited knowledge in this area, I would be happy to help getting 
those packages to Debian, by reviewing and eventually upload packages.



[0] debian-printing@l.d.o /could/ be that place, but I'm not certain it's
    within it's scope.
[1] For which the FTP-Masters team is to be thanked for their awesome job !
[2] Who knows, we could even imagine using bazaar!

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