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Re: Sponsorship in Debian (Re: Ubuntu-originated packages in Debian (Re: ubuntu keyring?))

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Hi Paul,

while I largely agree with the all other things you mentioned, I have
one thing to add here:

On 20.05.2011 04:23, Paul Wise wrote:
> Chose a specific person to mentor, review their packages, educate them
> about Debian, upload their packages when ready and encourage them join
> DM/NM. Rinse, repeat.

This is currently more like an ideal rather than the current practice. I
admit, I can't judge from others perspective, i.e. I can't know what
other DDs do I didn't meet (so far), but from my experience the sponsor
process is tenacious and frustrating for the sponsoree.

While the idea you mentioned is really good in theory, it lacks DDs
having time and interest to mentor a given person over time. From my
experience it is really complicated to get your packages, bug fixes and
updates into the archive and this is not because lack of quality (I'd
hope) but because of people actually having upload capabilities are
short of time, otherwise busy or not particularly interested to sponsor
packages they don't care for (which is fair enough, I wouldn't neither).

So from my experience, in reality you need to seek a new sponsor for
every upload you want to get into the archive and this takes a lot of
time and patience. For example I'm currently waiting and seeking since
over a month to get a RC bug fix and upstream update into unstable until
Asheesh signaled interest to help me recently.

This is also a challenge for the DM/DD application process for a
candidate, as certainly no one has a comprehensive overview about the
prospective maintainer and would advocate him some day since most DDs
know the candidate from a single upload only or so.

Again, I admit I don't have a comprehensive overview to cover this topic
in depth and from every perspective (but mine), but as far as I follow
debian-mentors in both IRC and mailing list, many people share a similar
experience. There definitively is room for improvements.

- -- 
with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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