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Re: Sponsorship in Debian (Re: Ubuntu-originated packages in Debian (Re: ubuntu keyring?))

[Arno Töll, 2011-05-20]
> So from my experience, in reality you need to seek a new sponsor for
> every upload you want to get into the archive and this takes a lot of
> time and patience. For example I'm currently waiting and seeking since
> over a month to get a RC bug fix and upstream update into unstable until
> Asheesh signaled interest to help me recently.

Did you ask your previous sponsor first? When I see a package I
sponsored on mentors again - I ignore it (if sponsoree is not happy with
my "service", he/she is free to try someone else after all).

When I already sponsored a package, it's easier to sponsor next upload
(as I can assume I checked everything previously and just check the
debdiff output¹ next time)

[¹] not interdif's!

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