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Re: some suggestions towards a Debian .desktop policy [Was: Warm up discussion about desktop files]

On 22/04/2011 18:05, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le vendredi 22 avril 2011 à 17:51 +0200, Bernhard R. Link a écrit : 
>> The difference is that a user has to know more when enabling stuff, as
>> they get shown many things were enabling does not make any sense.
>> And there is no way to say "show me everything in the menu", which is
>> especially bad for environments were assuming you know what they need
>> is even more likely wrong.
> You’re missing something. A menu that “shows everything” is unusable.
> The Debian menu is a very good example of that kind of problem.

It depends on your 'menu' use.
I've a few application icons directly in my panel (the applications I
always use). For application I sometimes use, I generally start them
by typing in a terminal.
  So, my menu use is:
- to drag application icon in the panel
- to see all the applications in a domain that are installed on my
  system when I want to be some unusual things (recording and
  editing sound recently). The Debian menu is the best way for me to
  find the info (the gnome menu without the Debian submenu is way
  to restricted to be useful in this case).

I do not understand why you cannot understand that some people do
not necessarily use menus as the gnome team wants its "users" to use
it (ie as a preselected small list of applications fully integrated
with gnome)

> Try a lenny system (or a squeeze system with a disabled
> gnome-menus-blacklist) and install both KDE and GNOME full desktops. Now
> try to use the GNOME panel for an hour.

vdanjean@eyak:~$ sudo gnome-menus-blacklist --help
vdanjean@eyak:~$ sudo gnome-menus-blacklist -h
vdanjean@eyak:~$ sudo gnome-menus-blacklist
vdanjean@eyak:~$ man gnome-menus-blacklist
Aucune entrée de manuel pour gnome-menus-blacklist
vdanjean@eyak:~$ dlocate gnome-menus-blacklist
gnome-menus: /usr/sbin/gnome-menus-blacklist
vdanjean@eyak:~$ zgrep -i  blacklist /usr/share/gnome-menus/*

Where is the information about gnome-menus-blacklist ?


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