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Re: Default size limits for /run (/var/run) and /run/lock (/var/lock)

> New text, which is hopefully clear enough:
>  Make  /run/lock/ available as a ram file system (tmpfs).  Set to
>  'yes' to enable, to 'no' to disable (defaults to yes).  The size
>  of the tmpfs can be controlled using TMPFS_SIZE and LOCK_SIZE in
>  /etc/default/tmpfs.  Note  that  irrespective  of  this  setting
>  /run/lock  will  be  located  on  a tmpfs, either one mounted on
>  /run/lock (if RAMLOCK=yes)  or  one  mounted  on  /run  (if RAM‐
>  LOCK=no),  and as a result the contents of /var/lock will always
>  be lost on system reboot, and it  it  is  no  longer  explicitly
>  cleaned  at  boot.   Because  of  this,  packages can not expect
>  directories in /var/lock to exist after boot.  Packages  expect‐
>  ing  this  are  buggy and need to be fixed.  Note that /run/lock
>  was previously /var/lock, and a compatibility  symlink  or  bind
>  mount will be created to allow the old path to continue to func‐
>  tion.

In all the case could we create a mount point for /run/lock ?
A bind mount for disk based and a true mount for ramfs ?


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