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Default size limits for /run (/var/run) and /run/lock (/var/lock)

With the transition to /run and /run/lock as tmpfs filesystems, it
would be desirable to provide sensible default size limits.  Currently,
we default to the tmpfs default of ½ RAM.  But with several tmpfs
filesystems, this does have the potential for the system to be OOMed
by a user filling up more than one of the filesystems.  A sensible
default size limit would be useful here, for at least some of the

We currently allow specification of size limits for:
/run (RUN_SIZE)
/run/lock (LOCK_SIZE, optional)
/dev/shm (SHM_SIZE)
/tmp (TMP_SIZE, optional)

[from temporary git repo at http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/sysvinit;a=summary]

In order to default to a sensible size, I would appreciate it if I
could have some figures for the useage of these filesystems: e.g.

% sudo du -sk /var/run /var/lock /dev/shm

for a variety of systems (desktop, server, large samba setup, very
large and busy systems, minimal environments etc.).  We want to be
sure the default is sane for all but the most extreme outliers,
where the sysadmin would need to configure a bigger value as the
default.  A sensible size for /tmp would also be useful, but this
obviously varies widely.  Note this is for a tmpfs /tmp, which is
not mounted by default (only defaults if root is read-only).

Thanks for any feedback (any stats can be sent directly to me to
avoid flooding the list).  I'd just like the output of the above
command, plus a small description of what the system is for
(size, major services etc.) for context.


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