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Re: "Python2.6 as default"

Barry Warsaw <barry@python.org> wrote:

>On Apr 09, 2011, at 01:38 PM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>>We've treated python and python3 as separate runtime environments.  We
>>have a default python3 (just in the middle of transitioning to 3.2). 
>>only meaningful change that would make python3 the 'default python' is
>if we
>>pointed /usr/bin/python at it.  It is definitely premature to do that.
> If we
>>ever contemplate such a change is will be several releases from now.
>Just as a point of reference, there is a new PEP concerning
>from upstream Python:
Hopefully it will gain additional sanity before approval (the authors did improve it based on comments I sent them it could still be better). The notion that /usr/bin/python pointing to any python3 version in the near term is anything other than crazy talk is, well, crazy.

It's certainly not anything we should let affect Debian Python until after it's approved.

Scott K

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