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Python 3 as default? (Re: "Python2.6 as default")


On Tuesday 12 April 2011 01.22:55 Scott Kitterman wrote:
> The notion that /usr/bin/python pointing to any python3 version in the
> near term is anything other than crazy talk is, well, crazy.

Agreed. However, it would be interesting to track which of the bg/major 
python packages/frameworks are not available on Python3 yet, if only as a 
reference for the next time somebody proposes to have /usr/bin/python be a 
Python 3.


It's not complete by far, but I guess the fact that django, a big part of 
zope and pylons are all three not available for Python 3 yet (upstream, not 
only packages) should serve to illustrate the point.

-- vbi

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