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Re: plan to clean up unstable

* Torsten Werner <twerner@debian.org>, 2011-04-11, 21:03:
3. These packages are non-free, non-auto-buildable, and have no RC bug filed:

amiwm dgen libapache-mod-fastcgi lmbench nttcp q-tools sgb teamspeak-server

I was aware of some of them but thanks for the update.

If we remove old binaries, they'll migrate to testing, even though
nobody cared about them for months/years. I don't think this is what we

The testing migration happens only for packages without RC bugs. The majority of the removals affect architectures that are not part of testing. Why do you think it would be better to keep the older version
in testing?

I was worried only about the minority of packages that are both out-of-date on release architectures and not (yet?) RC-buggy.

Jakub Wilk

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