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Re: Bash-completion with triggers


David Paleino <dapal@debian.org> writes:
> I've implemented a new revision of bash-completion, which uses debtriggers(5)
> to load only relevant completions, and symlink them when something
> touches /usr/bin/, /usr/games/, /usr/sbin/, /sbin/, /bin/, and so on.

zsh supports autoloading of functions: the time it is called first, zsh
will look for its definition in several directories (see "autoloading
functions" in zshmisc(1)).  As far as I know this is used by the
completion function to avoid loading unneeded parts.

Would it be possible for bash to use a similar scheme instead of using
triggers?  That way completions would also be available for software
installed into /usr/local (not using dpkg) without having to run some


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