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Re: More Vcs-Fields in debian/control?

Am Mittwoch, den 06.04.2011, 11:39 -0700 schrieb Steve Langasek:
> On Wed, Apr 06, 2011 at 12:28:39PM +0200, Benjamin Drung wrote:
> > > We (lindi, liw and me) had just a short discussion in #-devel, that it
> > > would be nice to have some sort of Vcs-Upstream-* in debian/control, to
> > > be able to get to upstreams vcs history if it is not imported in
> > > debian's vcs (which is often the case when using svn-bp or git-bf with
> > > import-orig). [background: lindi is doing some git-copyright checks and
> > > it fails heavily if there is no upstream history as the debian
> > > maintainer is asumed to be the copyright holder for everything]
> > > My suggestion would even go further (attention, I have NO idea how
> > > debian/control is parsed and how much work the following would be):
> > > Let's make that Vcs-<Vendor> with <Vendor> (like in DEP3) Debian,
> > > Upstream, Ubuntu, Whoever-else-uses-the-packaging.
> > I like this idea.
> > There should be a Vcs-Debian-* too and used in most cases. A package
> > should use Vcs-Debian-* if the vcs is only used in Debian. A package
> > could use Vcs-* if the vcs is used in derived distros too.
> What do you mean, "only used in Debian"?  Do you expect Debian maintainers
> to track whether or not downstreams have a separate VCS?

No. Simply answer the question: Is this VCS used by derived distros,
too? If not, it's Debian only. Two examples: The git repository for
apt-mirror is used only for Debian (there's only the master branch). The
git repository for vlc is used for Debian and Ubuntu (master branch for
Debian sid, squeeze branch for Debian squeeze, ubuntu branch for Ubuntu
natty, maverick branch for Ubuntu maverick, and so on).

> I don't think this is the right way to do it any more than we should rename
> 'Maintainer' to 'Maintainer-Debian'.  If downstreams diverge, it should be
> up to them to kee the information in debian/control current.

Benjamin Drung
Debian & Ubuntu Developer

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