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More Vcs-Fields in debian/control?

Hi -devel!

We (lindi, liw and me) had just a short discussion in #-devel, that it
would be nice to have some sort of Vcs-Upstream-* in debian/control, to
be able to get to upstreams vcs history if it is not imported in
debian's vcs (which is often the case when using svn-bp or git-bf with
import-orig). [background: lindi is doing some git-copyright checks and
it fails heavily if there is no upstream history as the debian
maintainer is asumed to be the copyright holder for everything]

My suggestion would even go further (attention, I have NO idea how
debian/control is parsed and how much work the following would be):
Let's make that Vcs-<Vendor> with <Vendor> (like in DEP3) Debian,
Upstream, Ubuntu, Whoever-else-uses-the-packaging.



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