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Re: Back to technical discussion? Yes! (was: network-manager as default? No!)

2011/4/4 Stanislav Maslovski <stanislav.maslovski@gmail.com>:
>> I am not happy that network manager bypasses ifconfig to do this; I
>> would have much preferred a daemon that could properly integrate with
>> the existing infrastructure we had.
> Exactly. There is ifplugd that implements some of the functionality
> that is required to support dynamically appearing and disappearing
> connections. It is a simple daemon that calls ifupdown when needed, so
> that the old and good way of network configuration is respected.

wicd has the same functionalities than network-manager and is
compatible with ifconfig and the like.

I have nothing against adding wicd or a daemon that is compatible with
ifconfig and I think network-manager should be disqualified for that
very reason.


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