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Re: Meeting Minutes, FTPMaster meeting March 2011

On 03/28/2011 04:37 PM, Mark Hymers wrote:
> The main decision which needs to be made is whether, as a project, we
> want source only uploads or to throw away DD built non-all debs.
> There's not entire agreement amongst the ftpmasters about this (I err on
> the side of the source-only uploads to avoid making people waste time
> and bandwidth but that's not the only opinion).  One objection to
> source-only is the perception that people will throw untested things at
> the buildds and see what sticks.  That strikes me as a social problem,
> but as a project we probably want to think how to handle it.

Due to the problem of uploading untested stuff, accidentally or not
accidentally I'd suggest to require uploads of all binary packages
together with the source and throw away the arch:any binary packages
(after passing NEW if necessary).
Also I'd be in favour of throwing away DD built arch:all debs as soon as
soon as building them on the buildds is implemented.


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