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Re: Disable ZeroConf: how to ?

On Vi, 04 mar 11, 11:32:01, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> The reason is not that obvious but might be clear when looking to the
> image, systems have in the world:
> Windows: Insecure, full control, many software, games, official support
> Mac: Easy, colorful, all is moving and wabbering
> Debian: Secure, clear dependencies, no hidden control (that would
>    overwrite administrator settings), absolute control
> Ubuntu: Colorful, Easy, more or less secure
> SuSI^HE: Much of hidden control, insecure (somewhat, but who cares),
>    YaST
> Redhat: Official supported, not that many packages

I thought Debian was "The Universal Operating System" ;), so I would 
rather divide like this:

GNOME/KDE system: lots of functionality out-of-the-box
XFCE/LXDE system: decent functionality, usable also on older machines
WM/console system: packages only installed as needed

I expect a *typical* user of the first two categories to appreciate the 
functionality provided by zeroconf. If they know what it is they will 
also be capable of getting rid of it if they so desire, it's not that 
difficult even with Gnome where the main meta-package directly depends 
on avahi-daemon.

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