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Re: Disable ZeroConf: how to ?

> As I told, I think that the default should be disabled (as that would
> correct for most of the debian users). But I agree that the
> enabling/disabling should be easy; and not only per system, zeroconf
> insists on several systems like avahi, link local, mdns, ...

Atleast on Ubuntu You are asked if you select for optional software.

>> > And even worse, debian is often used on server platforms where you never
>> > ever want to have any such magically configured services.
>> Since avahi isn't a dependency of anything you'd want to install on a
>> server -- I personally have never installed gnome on a server, for
>> instance -- it usually isn't.
> True. But sometimes you need a software component on the server that you
> usually only use on laptops or desktops. One example is the
> wpa-supplicant, that is common to test radius servers. It should not be
> that this accidentally leads to zeroconf components with the
> dependencies. (I did not check if that is the case in my example above.)
Agree zeroconf is something similar and seems to have misquoted in this case.

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