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Re: What bug reports are for

OoO En  ce début  d'après-midi ensoleillé du  dimanche 27  février 2011,
vers 15:33, Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> disait :

> You seem to forget the very reason bug reports are here. Their point is
> not to offer a service to our users - if you want that, you’ll need paid
> support. Bug reports are here to help improving the distribution.

> Now, maintainers receive a lot of bug reports, and have limited time to
> spare on Debian. Given the choice between: 
>      1. packaging a new upstream release that fixes a lot of bugs; 
>      2. fixing a nicely reported bug with a reproducible and
>         well-identified cause; 
>      3. investigating a dubious bug report that seems to be triggered by
>         a broken user configuration;
> only masochistic maintainers will spend time on #3 when they can help a
> lot more users on #1 and #2. It’s not that it’s easier (I remember
> spending entire days on single bugs), but it’s more useful.

> Now, if you spend enough time investigating to be able to tell, at the
> very least, “this is a bug in library foo which is reproducible by doing
> bar”, your report might go from #3 to #2 and get fixed.

The  last  message  of Dmitry  points  to  the  culprit (use  of  Tahoma
font). This seems a valid bug. I have added this instruction to my gtkrc
but did not succeed to reproduce the  bug (I get the black screen but it
is  not  expanding).  Maybe  there  is  something  else  to  add  (using
KDE?). We don't know if Sandro succeeded to reproduce this bug after the
Dmitry provided additional info because he just closed the bug.

In  my  opinion,  Sandro  should   have  left  the  bug  open  with  its
"unreproducible" tag.  The bug  is not solved  and should not  have been
closed. It would  have been nice to reevaluate  the "unreproducible" tag
with  the help of  the additional  input from  the reporter.  Some users
don't bother  to help the  maintainer and we  have here a user  which is
willing to  debug the problem. This seems  a bad idea to  just close its
bug without interacting with him.
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