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Re: What bug reports are for

Hi, Josselin:

En fecha Domingo, 27 de Febrero de 2011, Josselin Mouette escribió:
> Now, maintainers receive a lot of bug reports, and have limited time to
> spare on Debian. Given the choice between:
>      1. packaging a new upstream release that fixes a lot of bugs;
>      2. fixing a nicely reported bug with a reproducible and
>         well-identified cause;
>      3. investigating a dubious bug report that seems to be triggered by
>         a broken user configuration;
> only masochistic maintainers will spend time on #3 when they can help a
> lot more users on #1 and #2. It’s not that it’s easier (I remember
> spending entire days on single bugs), but it’s more useful.

True, and I don't think anybody would expect any more.

But #3. is still a bug and unless it's been at least tried to be reproduced is 
no good behaviour to close it just "because I've not the time and I prefer 
focusing on #1 and #2".

I'm not telling this is the case for this bug since I really don't know it but 
as a general matter, but *if* that were the case, no, I don't think sweeping 
bugs under the carpet is a proper policy.


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